Google + Local & The Healthcare Industry

If you are in the healthcare industry, or any industry for that matter, we are sure you know about the game changing adjustments Google recently made. In case you don’t, Google Maps and Google Places are being replaced by something called Google + Local. For most industries, this will advance the review system. For the […]

New Online Medical Contest a Big Hit

A recent online medical contest, headed by UBM Medica US, just ended – and it was a big success. The five-week Diagnostic Champions’ Challenge tournament had healthcare practitioners compete against each other on a primary care website, solving sets of multiple-choice diagnostic dilemmas. They were given 60 seconds to solve each question, with points awarded […]

5 Facebook Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

With more than 900 million people on Facebook, marketing your business on the popular social platform is a must. While knowing what you should be doing is important, knowing what you should not be doing is often times just as important. Below are five common marketing mistakes any business should avoid. 1)      Not Providing Enough […]

3 Simple Ways to Get Backlinks

Ever wonder how one website, seemingly no better than the rest, keeps coming up on page one of the search engine results time and time again for several different industry-relevant keywords? The answer is most likely because that website has more backlinks pointing to it. Backlinks are links from other websites that point to your […]

What content works best?

Truth is it depends on your industry, clientele, target market, and several other variables. There is no single type of content marketing that works best for all companies, but there are several types of content you can utilize as part of any content marketing plan. Most businesses focuses on content that can extend a brand’s […]

Google+ Is The New Center Of Gravity For Local Search

As soon as Google+ and Google+ Pages were introduced less than a year ago, most people assumed it would only be a matter of time before Google would merge or integrate Google Places and Google+ Pages. Well, the time has come. Roughly 80 million Google Place pages have been automatically converted into just as many […]

Major Improvements for Facebook Pages

Ask, and you shall receive. It certainly feels this way after Facebook just announced a potentially game-changing update to its Pages. For some time now, Facebook Page Administrators have demanded an update, claiming managing several different pages is more difficult than it needs to be. It seems safe to say Facebook finally listened. The new […]

Content is King

Content marketing involves the creation or sharing of content for the purpose of engaging current and potential consumers. High-quality, relevant, and valuable information drives profitability – making content king. Content marketing is not about boasting, nor is it about bombarding your audience. It is not about plastering your message everywhere, or about sharing content for […]

How to Handle Negative Reviews

Whether we like it or not, online reviews are here to stay, and customers have more power than ever to affect our businesses. Regardless of how wonderful your business is, chances are great you will come across negative reviews at one point or another. This is hard, because negative reviews can feel like a punch […]

Follow Up To ‘How To Manage Negative Feedback’

We recently blogged about the art of handling negative feedback and reviews, and the response was great. If you are still on the fence about responding to negative reviews, please consider the results of a study by that explored the relationship between negative reviews, company responses, and subsequent sales. 68% of consumers who posted […]

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