Why Conversions are Important for Your Business

If you’re attempting to engage customers and bring in business with a website and online ads, one of the most important things to understand is Google AdWords’ conversion tracking. A free tool included in AdWords, conversion tracking provides you with information about what happens after a customer clicks one of your ads. Did they purchase […]

Having a Mobile Website is a Big Deal

Consciously, or perhaps without thinking about it, chances are good you browse the web on your Smartphone on a daily basis. Every so often, you come across a website that is not optimized for your mobile platform, and you find it difficult to maneuver the site, read the small text, and constantly zoom in and […]

Creating Content When You Don’t Have a Clue

Great content will help drive traffic to your website and raise awareness. It is a great way to indirectly share your professional thoughts and opinions with others in your field, and it can even help establish relationships and open new doors. Unfortunately, you might not always be able to generate fresh content on a frequent […]

Facebook Fails

We decided to compile a simple list of some of the activities we think are considered as Facebook marketing gone wrong, or, in other words, Facebook fails. While much, much more could (and deserves to) be added to the list, let’s just focus on these key points for now. Read through it and make sure […]

Facebook Ads & Brand Awareness

According to a new Ad Age survey, marketers who buy Facebook ads are more focused on building brand awareness than accumulating fans. When marketers were asked to identify their primary goal with Facebook ads, almost half of the respondents put building awareness and sentiment for their brands at the top. The other major goals mentioned […]

Challenges That Prevent Marketers From Creating Great Content

Due to an explosion in interest, the use of content marketing is rapidly becoming mainstream. But with steady growth come plenty of questions, explaining why many marketers are having some painful issues with their content creation and distribution strategies. That is why we decided to put together a short list on what is ailing marketers, while […]

Social Media & Small Businesses

If you operate a small business, or know someone that does, we are sure you have been bombarded with social media information recently. Maybe you are a fan, maybe you are still on the fence about it. Regardless of your thoughts on social media, here is the simple truth: it is here to stay. Today, […]

Guess What? Executives Are On Board With Social Media

According to a recent survey by Deloitte, 45% of executives think social media has a positive impact on workplace culture. Most of the executives surveyed think it has a positive impact because it allows managers to be more transparent and connected to the company and its leadership. Executives also use social media to build and […]

Great Content in 30 Seconds

Looking to generate brand exposure and create goodwill among prospective customers? You have come to the right place. Most of us know great content when we see it, but it can be difficult to envision what our process really looks like if we have not thought about it. That is why we decided to share […]

How To Get More Likes & Shares on Facebook

Thanks to the tracking of 1.3 million posts from 10,000 brand pages, we now know more about how businesses get Likes, Shares, and Comments on the ever-popular social networking site Facebook. Photos bring in the highest number of engagement across the board, followed by text and video. Meanwhile, if you want your fans to engage, […]

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